Georgia – country of contrasts

Lush green mountains in Kazbegi and buzzing city life in Georgias capital Tbilisi. How I made peace with contradictions.

They will not understand

The difference between a short trip and a long-term journey. About all the lives lived and abandoned.

Visiting Grozny

Washing cars and brains. One night in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya.

Route pt. 1: Germany to Georgia

My deatailed route: Track my first 13 days and read more about the highlights from Germany to Georgia.

A journey in time

A journey in time is impossible? Not for me! How it feels to travel overlands through different time zones.

Oh Cappadocia!

Only a tourist magnet? Balloons and caves: Why it's worth to visit Cappadocia.

Beginners mistake #1: Checking the oil level

Things that can go wrong with checking the oil level. An experience from the road.

Montenegro’s North

Must visit: Durmitor National Park and Europe's Grand Canyon, Tara – a scenic route through Montenegro's north.

My way

Take things in your hands: How I found the perfect moment and my own way to travel.


From Munich to Southeastasia, Southamerica, USA, Morocco and back to Germany: how I planned the route for my RTW-trip.