The heart of Nepal

Mountains, Buddha, Everest? Finding the real Nepal between landslides, jungle and mountain peaks.

Arai Tour X4 vs Touratech Aventuro Carbon

45.000 km each and worldtrip: My review on the Arai Tour X4 and Touratech Aventuro Carbon helmets.

Fighting with fate in India

From the mighty Himalayas to a flat tire and Delhi: How India made me wander on the trace of destiny.

On the edge of Pamir

Rough on the outside, soft in its heart: Riding Pamir Highway in Tajikistan.

Love Pakistan

A misunderstood beautiful soul. My journey on Karakorum Highway through Pakistan.

Kyrgyzstan making dreams come true

Four days horseback riding in Kyrgyzstan – making childhood dreams come true.

Top tips for solo female travelers

Traveling solo as a woman is dangerous? My best tips for solo female travelers and everyone who wants to become one.

1001 Nights and a nightmare

When shit happened in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan: accident instead of arabic nights. About standing up and going on.

Georgia – country of contrasts

Lush green mountains in Kazbegi and buzzing city life in Georgias capital Tbilisi. How I made peace with contradictions.

They will not understand

The difference between a short trip and a long-term journey. About all the lives lived and abandoned.